Comprehensive Vascular Care

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Comprehensive Vascular Care services offered in Scottsdale, AZ

Your circulatory system is an astoundingly complex web of blood vessels that work to transport blood throughout your body. When problems arise, Hara Misra, MD, of Scottsdale Vascular Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, offers comprehensive vascular care. Personalized consultations can help you understand the full range of available treatments and get you started on a path toward enhanced vascular health. Call or click today to get on the schedule.

Comprehensive Vascular Care Q & A

What is the purpose of the vascular system?

Your vascular system, commonly called the circulatory system, works to carry blood to every area of your body. Proper circulation delivers oxygen and micronutrients to your cells, where they go to work, fueling all of the functions that keep you alive and healthy. 

Your arteries are the largest of your blood vessels and move oxygenated blood from your heart into other areas of the body. They are larger near your heart, then narrow as they move farther away. 

Capillaries are the smallest blood vessels and deliver oxygenated blood from your arteries into your tissues and organs. Once most available oxygen and nutrients have been removed from the blood, the blood moves back through the capillaries. It makes its way back into your veins to return to your heart.     

What is comprehensive vascular care?

Numerous problems can arise in your veins and other blood vessels. Comprehensive vascular care provides the diagnostic and treatment tools necessary to keep them as healthy as possible. 

This process begins with a thorough diagnostic work-up to determine the source of your symptoms. Dr. Misra discusses your lifestyle, your experience of vascular symptoms, and when you first began to notice those changes. 

Once he diagnoses the problem, Dr. Misra discusses treatment options, making sure you understand the full range of available treatments so you can make an informed decision about your care. 

Comprehensive vascular care also involves teaching you how to prevent future vascular health issues. Understanding the role that nutrition and physical activity play in vascular health can help you make changes to keep you as healthy and active as possible. 

What are some diagnostic tools used in vascular care?

Scottsdale Vascular Clinic offers some of the best diagnostic technology in the industry. The complete diagnostic lab includes ultrasound options like carotid Doppler, arterial Doppler, and venous Doppler. 

These platforms use sound waves to create real-time imaging of your internal tissues. Doppler ultrasounds can also show the flow of blood through your vessels, which is an essential part of diagnosing vascular conditions. 

The Scottsdale Vascular Clinic team performs these treatments on an outpatient basis. There’s no need for a hospital stay, and you can head home after your procedure and recover in a familiar and comfortable setting. 

Learn more during your personalized consultation. Booking a visit is fast and easy, online or over the phone, so don’t delay.