About Scottsdale Vascular Clinic

Vascular Specialist in Scottsdale, AZ


Scottsdale Vascular Clinic is a full-service vascular health practice serving the community of  Scottsdale, Arizona. Under the leadership of Hara Misra, MD, Scottsdale Vascular Clinic is thriving and offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for the full scope of vascular needs. 

Your circulatory system plays a critical role in daily life and works to transport blood throughout your body. Without a healthy circulatory system, your cells and tissues wouldn’t have the oxygen and nutrients needed to thrive. 

Numerous issues can cause problems with your circulation. Some create serious health problems, while others are primarily aesthetic issues. Scottsdale Vascular Clinic offers a wide range of treatments to improve vascular function and enhance overall health. 

State-of-the-art technology guides all diagnostic and treatment services at Scottsdale Vascular Clinic. Ongoing training ensures that practitioners can leverage these advanced tools to the greatest advantage. 

Services include VNUS® Procedure varicose vein treatment and radiofrequency closure. Vascular disease can be diagnosed with venous ultrasounds and treated with endovenous laser therapy. Patients learn the pros and cons of all available options before deciding on a treatment path. 

Residents in and around Scottsdale, Arizona, searching for outstanding vascular health care can call to schedule a consultation at Scottsdale Vascular Clinic or set up a visit online.